Why Breast Cancer Support and

Education Are so Important

Worldwide, breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer among women, with over two million new diagnoses worldwide in 2020. The disease accounts for one in three new female cancers annually. CSI creates events to support charitable organizations that empower women and men affected by breast cancer. The charity funds we generate are used to alleviate the stress experienced by cancer patients by fostering health and well-being with both information and resources focused on traditional and holistic treatments. Combine that with contributions towards scholarship, sponsorship, and grant programs, and our charity events for Breast Cancer Awareness help provide relief and hope to thousands of people all over the country.

CSI Financial

Creating interest and excitement around a charity event while generating funds is part of what we do, but it goes well beyond that. A successful non-profit event evolves out of a series of questions. Why would people be interested? How do we hope to benefit our clients? The public we approach? What can we do within the parameters of this event location, within a specified budget to make the greatest impact? Underline all of that with our expertise in finance, and CSI is able to create events that make a significant difference in the hearts and minds of everyone involved, long after the events are done.

Doing business when you know you’re doing meaningful, helpful business, makes every day feel significant and special. It makes us feel proud of what we do and what we can do.

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